My wedding photos taken by the INCREDIBLE Ashely at Photography Anthology!

My wedding photos taken by the INCREDIBLE Ashely at Photography Anthology!

My approach: Let’s get real. I shoot weddings a million times better when my couple lets me into their lives and story. The authenticity of my work rests on your willingness to go beyond a surface level acquaintance. We will hug and high five at the wedding, not shake hands. Years from now, my hope is that you will not only love your photos and film but also love the experience you had with your photographer. Being in front of a camera can be uncomfortable and awkward, but our goal is to make the process effortless and fun. Once we get a little weird and you see your love through the lens, you’ll be doing a little dance around the kitchen and show all your pals how photogenic you are!

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A little about me: I am obsessed with my two year old nephew and newborn niece, gas station coffee, blogs about old home being rehabilitated, and boxed wine. Talk to me anytime about Game of Thrones, Parks and Rec, and The Office. Overall, I love connecting with people and believe that I could become best buds with most of the humans on the planet. 

My couples are my pals: I tear up when seeing brides in their dress, will chat with your grandma at the reception, and will play the role of  groomsmen locator and bride hydrator. 

Helping share your love story is a privilege: Though I work tremendously hard, photography and film have never felt like jobs for me. I thrive in the romantic chaos and each wedding sparkles with a unique story and quirk. 

Don't be a stranger! Contact me and let's discuss the sounds of my shutter at your occasion of grandeur.