"When I cry at the wedding, it will be because the planning is over."

-Every bride ever

 Do you provide payment plans? Yes- I understand that photography and videography can be some of the largest wedding expenses. Typically, I will spread out six payments from the time you book to the final payment due one week before the wedding date. Being upfront and realistic about your content budget gets us all on the same page- and if we're not the best fit, I’ll recommend other great photographers and videographers!


What can we expect the day-of process to look like with you? I absolutely love to be a "fly on the wall" and capture the authentic details and micro moments of you and loved ones interacting. I’ll set you up in spaces with flattering framing and light, but won’t intervene more than necessary! The time of day I take the wheel is during family photos. I want group portraits to run as smoothly as possible so loved ones can get back to the party!


How far do you travel for weddings? To the ends of the earth for you! Just let me know your location and I’ll figure out a reasonable cost of travel and include it in the package price.


How do I book you? If you love what you see and are happy with what is included in your package, I’ll email a digital contract that's super easy to sign online. 50% of the package rate is also required as the booking fee (or other amount if you have arranged a payment plan!). Once the payment has processed, your date will be officially on the calendar!


Do you shoot with a second photographer? I have the world’s best ever second shooter (my fiancé)! I love teaming up with my hunnie, he can read my mind and working with a photography team that communicates well is absolutely necessary! If you’ve booked Mitchell for video, I have several talented photographer friends who are also great to partner with!


How many final images can I expect? Under each package listed here, you’ll see a minimum photo amount with a “+” at the end. That is meant to show that you’ll receive at least that number of photos, but will most likely receive more! I tend to overdeliver and have a hard time choosing which photos are best. I’ll include several photos with slight variations in order for you to have lots of variety.


Can we have all of the photos you take, even the ones you don't edit? Photographers are hired for choosing which photos to edit and perfect and that selection process takes some seriously obsessive hours. The photos that aren't included in your final gallery are duplicates or the ones where Uncle Lou has his eves closed!  However, if you’d like certain images in black and white, just let me know! For video, Mitchell offers an option to compile all the unedited clips onto a flash drive and mail to you.


How do we receive our images and video? All final images are uploaded to an online gallery. I will email the link and allow you to distribute the gallery to friends and family for personal use. All of the images are high resolution, easy to download to your computer, and great for prints and social media posts. Mitchell uploads all films onto Vimeo, which is an easy platform to share links with loved ones and also downloadable to the computer at home.


How long does it take for you to finish editing and send the photos and films our way? I will send a few sneak peek shots within a couple days of the wedding. I do everything I can to not let the editing stack up too much and each wedding is worked in the order it was shot. When it is time for your wedding to be edited, the photos will have my full devotion! Even during peak wedding season (Spring/Fall), you'll have your photos back within four months at the absolute latest. However, I aim to deliver your gallery much sooner! Mitchell and I will send both photo and video files your way all together, just to simplify the sharing process for you!


Can we buy prints or albums from you? You can purchase prints through me if you like. They are great quality and are as true to the coloring in the digital image as possible. However, you’re welcome to print the photos anywhere!

Are you insured? Yep! If your venue requests this from vendors, we are happy to provide proof of insurance.


What type of camera gear do you have? I’m a Canon gal and shoot on a 5D Mark III and a 6D with 35mm and 85mm lenses. I also use a 600EX II-RT speed light as a secondary light source only when necessary. Natural light is my first choice, however, what makes for a romantic atmosphere (string lights, candles) at a reception can translate into a super dark and grainy photo. So the flash gives a little boost! For those epic, movie-like shots, Mitchell shoots on a Canon 5D Mark IV attached to DJI Ronin-S three axis gimbal. He also uses additional professional DSLR’s for extra camera angles while recording the ceremony. For audio, we have both lapel mics and a recording box so he can clearly capture your vows and officiant’s speech.


How do you make sure that the photos and videos are safe? What if they all get deleted? While I’m shooting, my cameras record each image or video clip to two different memory cards simultaneously. Should one memory card fail, the other has it backed up! I also own file recovery software in the unlikely situation that both memory cards malfunction. The images are transferred to my desktop then backed up on a cloud-based storage service, and an external hard drive. Once you've downloaded the wedding gallery and films, you should also back up the content in several places, too!